Pregnancy Treatments

All these pregnancy treatments have been specifically created to help alleviate the main issues of discomfort in pregnancy – soothing aches and tension, improving circulation, rejuvenating heavy legs, moisturising dry skin and reducing water retention.

The pregnancy collection from Neal’s Yard remedies is made with beautifully nurturing natural and organic ingredients safe for you and baby.

It is advised that you only have pregnancy treatments after the 1 st trimester/12 weeks of pregnancy. This is to make sure you and your baby are safe. You are then safe to have treatments all the way through your pregnancy right up till your due date and after.

Back, Hip and Leg Treatment

This 100% pure organic skin-nourishing massage is a relaxing treat that is infused with soothing orange flower, mandarin and sweet almond essential oils, as well as vitamin E-rich wheatgerm oil. A specific massage technique is preformed on back, hip and upper leg area to alleviate aches and sooth tension.

£39.00 – 45 mins

Pregnancy Full Body Massage

Using certified organic and safe ingredients to massage and calm you whilst you go through this special time. 100% pure organic skin-nourishing massage oil infused with orange flower and mandarin. Massage is preformed led on your side whilst cuddling a maternity pillow. This is to ensure you are comfortable and baby is safe. Specific soothing massage techniques are applied on back, hips, legs, shoulders, face and scalp.

£49.00 – 1 Hour

Lower Leg Treatment

Using organic skin soothing ingredients to alleviate swollen, sore, puffy feet and lower legs. This lovely treatment starts with a relaxing foot soak and rejuvenating foot exfoliation. A foot and leg balm is applied whilst you experience a soothing face and scalp massage. The treatment is finished by applying a skin nourishing oil to lower legs and feet.

£44.00 – 50 mins

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