June update –

So another month has gone!🙂

Where is the time going.😊

In lockdown we were forced to stop ( felt I had more than enough time)

I have realised coming out of lockdown how really important it is to take time out for yourself when busy , to take each day as it comes and not put too much pressure on yourself.❤️

It also showed me how important friends and family are and to make sure you appreciate every moment.

So this month even though I have been very busy I have made sure to take moments for a book 📖 have a massage 💆‍♀️soak in the bath 🛀keep to my exercise routine🏃‍♀️ gardening🌻🌟

This post comes with the advice to make sure you do too.

You are the most important person in your life. This can be hard if you have children or people that depend on you.But if you are not healthy and stress free how can you help others??

It doesn’t have to be a whole day – just an hour here and there for you on your own to recharge.

I hope you are all well and are enjoying the sunshine🌞

Warmest wishes ✨ x

( Please use this link for any products – the main Neal’s yard website is different to mine)

Victoria Neal’s Yard Online Shop – Shop Now


Due to Covid 19 and in accordance of government guidelines I have had to apply some new regulations.

Please see below for the new guidelines I have put in place –

  • I will be asking you to please wait outside and I will open the door for you. This will apply for when you leave too.
  • Upon entering the treatment room I will be asking you to wash your hands in a bowl of warm water and soap. This will be provided.
  • Hand sanitizer will be readily available during treatments.
  • I will be asking all clients to wear a mask during treatments, where able to do so. This will be provided by me.
  • I will be wearing a visor at all times and gloves on treatments that require me to do so.
  • Couch roll will be put down on the bed with each new client and disposed off after each client.
  • I will be allowing more time in between clients to clean and sanitise room properly.
  • *Important* If you feel unwell at all ( even a common cold) I would appreciate it if you could contact me so that we can rearrange your appointment for another time.
  • If I feel unwell at anytime (even with a common cold) I will contact you to rearrange your appointment.
  • *New* I will now be providing card and contact less payments.

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