April update –

Good news!😁

After the news on Monday from the government I can officially state that I am re open from next week.
Whoop Whoop!🥳🥳
Looking forward to catching up with you all very soon 😁
If you haven’t all ready and would like to book an appointment then please do get in touch.😊

Warmest wishes ✨ x

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Victoria Tovey  – Neal’s Yard Independant Consultant

🙂 Immunity and Lymphatic system

I hope you enjoy my video on self care reflexology for the immune system. –

👣Now for the fun stuff – the body is amazing – 😮

🦠The lymphatic system runs alongside the circulatory system. The main purpose of the lymphatic system is to filtrate germs, poisons and foreign bodies form the blood system. (colds, flus, viruses, infections).It produces new lymphatic cells and produces antibodies.

🧬Tonsils – First line of defence – Has masses of lymphocytes (B and T cells)🧠Thymus – This is bigger in children and reduces in size as we age. T cells mature and are released upon an immune attack.

🦠Spleen – This is the largest collection of lymphatic tissue. Separates worn out red blood cells and manufactures lymphocytes (B cells and T cells). It also destroys white blood cells and manufactures antibodies to protect from disease.🤒You also have a whole range of Lymph nodes over the body that help with the fighting of disease. They will get swollen when fighting any disease and you are probably most aware of them in your throat when you get a sore one.❤️

The lymph system has no pump like the heart so relies on movement/exercise and body pressure.

👣Reflexology and massage help by boosting your immune system and helping recovery. It will reduce stress and tension throughout your body systems and help to improve blood and lymph circulation. It helps the body release toxins and encourages Endorphins which are your feel good hormones. I have been practising reflexology and massage for over 20 years and it still amazes me how it can help people.😀

I am a big believer in prevention and this all helps to making your body healthier so that when you do have to fight a nasty you are better prepared. It is by no means a cure but it can definitely help.


Due to Covid 19 and in accordance of government guidelines I have had to apply some new regulations.

Please see below for the new guidelines I have put in place –

  • I will be asking you to please wait outside and I will open the door for you. This will apply for when you leave too.
  • Upon entering the treatment room I will be asking you to wash your hands in a bowl of warm water and soap. This will be provided.
  • Hand sanitizer will be readily available during treatments.
  • I will be asking all clients to wear a mask during treatments, where able to do so. This will be provided by me.
  • I will be wearing a visor at all times and gloves on treatments that require me to do so.
  • Couch roll will be put down on the bed with each new client and disposed off after each client.
  • I will be allowing more time in between clients to clean and sanitise room properly.
  • *Important* If you feel unwell at all ( even a common cold) I would appreciate it if you could contact me so that we can rearrange your appointment for another time.
  • If I feel unwell at anytime (even with a common cold) I will contact you to rearrange your appointment.
  • *New* I will now be providing card and contact less payments.

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