Advanced Organic Skin Treatments

In this section the facials include one or more of the following Electrotherapy devices. Micro current – Lifting and toning – good for aging skins. Direct high frequency – Antibacterial – good for oily/problem skins. In direct high frequency – Hydrating and moisturising – good for dry and dehydrated skins. Microdermabrasion – Deep exfoliation – all skins. Galvanic – deep cleansing or moisturising – all skins.

Victoria’s Hydra Visage Treatment

This treatment consists of five steps using galvanic and indirect high frequency. This facial will stimulate skin cells, soften skin and push nourishing active ingredients into the deep layers of your skin. The indirect high frequency preformed in a massage will stimulate blood and lymph circulation to help remove toxins and puffiness. This treatment has a warming, relaxing and sedative effect.

£50.00 – 1 Hour 10 mins

Ultra visage Lifting Treatment

This is a fantastic anti-ageing facial and is sometimes referred to as non surgical face lifting. There are 4 steps to this facial including a deep exfoliating cleanse, soothing lymphatic drainage, lifting/toning of facial muscles and a fabulous moisture boost at the end that pushes important active ingredients into your skin. It will leave skin firm and soften lines/wrinkles.

£50.00 – 1 Hour 10 mins

Victoria’s Signature Treatment

This luxurious facial includes an exfoliation with honey and orange followed by an indirect high frequency relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage. It is finished off with an organic moisture boosting mask. Choice of masks depending on skin type.

£56.00 – 1 Hour 10 mins

Victoria’s Ultimate Anti-ageing Treatment

This is the ultimate anti ageing facial treatment. There are 5 specific steps to this facial. Starting with a deep stimulating cleanse followed by a invigorating honey and orange exfoliation. The lifting and toning of facial muscles and skin is then preformed by using the ultra visage. Included is an indirect high frequency relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage using the nourishing wild rose beauty balm. At the end of the treatment a specific mask will be selected for the ultimate in skin rejuvenation.

£62.00 – 1 Hour 30 mins

Victoria’s Acne Treatment  

A re balancing facial to help combat congestion, blackheads, open pores and acne using a mixture of the fabulous Crystal Clear microdermabrasion and direct high frequency. This facial will help calm flare ups and smooth superficial scars.

£52.00 – 1 Hour

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