Beauty Treatments

Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting

Please note -A patch test is required if you are new to Victoria 48 hours before to ensure no allergies exists.

Tinting eyelashes and eyebrows provides a lovely enhancement to the eyes. This subtle yet impactful beauty technique involves the careful application of color to these delicate features, resulting in a more captivating and defined look. 

Eyelash tint – £17.00 – 20mins
Eyebrow tint – £13.50 – 15mins
Eyebrow tidy and tint – £16.50 – 30mins
Eyelash tint and eyebrow tidy or tint – £23.50 – 30mins
Eyelash tint, brow tint and brow tidy – £28.50 – 45mins

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Manicure’s and Pedicure’s

A regular manicure or pedicure will help promote good nail health and strength.

Choose between a basic maintenance treatment or a luxurious organic treatment by Neal’s yard remedies.

Victoria also uses Orly Breathable nail varnish which are vegan and free form 13 toxic chemicals and organic balms and creams from Neal’s yard remedies.

Orly Breathable nail varnish


A manicure is a pampering beauty treatment that focuses on enhancing the appearance and health of your fingernails and hands.

During a manicure, nails are expertly filed, cuticles are gently groomed, and hands are treated to a massage.

Manicures offer a relaxing self-care ritual that leaves your hands looking and feeling fabulous.

£26.00 – 30-45 mins

Nail file and cuticle tidy or paint (no massage) – £20.00  – 30 mins

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Luxury Organic Manicure

Indulge in the hand pampering with Victoria’s exclusive luxury organic manicure.

Using Neal’s yard Melissa hand polish, a luxurious treat that pampers your skin. Followed by a refreshing citrus moisturising mask, this experience is designed to rejuvenate and revive even the most hardworking hands.  Heavenly geranium and orange hand lotion,  lavishes your skin with deep nourishment and leaves your hands feeling as soft as a dream.

Prepare to be transported into a world of  relaxation and self-care, where your hands emerge not just beautifully treated but utterly revitalised.

£31.00 – 1 Hour

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Pedicures are a delightful escape for your feet, providing both relaxation and rejuvenation.

This treatment involves a foot soak, nail cut and file, cuticle work and a soothing foot massage to leave your feet feeling refreshed and revitalised. Your nails will be expertly shaped and polished revealing beautifully pampered feet.

£34.00 – 1 Hour

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Luxury Organic Pedicure

This luxurious treatment involves expert nail care, gentle exfoliation, and a soothing massage to leave your feet feeling refreshed and revitalised.

A foot treatment with a foot soak, nail file and cut, cuticle work and exfoliating peach seed and pumice, combined with softening mallow balm and cleansing ginger mint,  to freshen and smooth tired, dry feet.

Your nails will be expertly shaped and polished, revealing beautifully pampered feet.

 Pedicures are a perfect way to pamper yourself and ensure your feet look and feel their best.

£39.00 – 1 Hour 35 mins

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Gel Nails

Experience the brilliance of gel polish, a game-changer for enduring and vibrant nail colour that’s perfect for holidays and special occasions alike.

This nail treatment not only boasts stunning, long-lasting colours but also offers good durability. Usually lasting between 7 – 10 days.

Whether you’re jet-setting off to a tropical paradise or preparing for a memorable event,  gel polish ensures your nails stay flawlessly polished, chip-free, and simply dazzling throughout your adventures and festivities.

Gel Manicure – £34.00  – 30 mins / Gel Pedicure – £40.00 – 45 mins 
Gel soak off and tidy – £22.00
Gel soak off and reapplication – £48.00

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Discover the remarkable benefits of indulging in a professional waxing treatment that not only leaves your skin flawlessly smooth but also aligns with your values, using vegan-friendly wax.

  • Say goodbye to bothersome stubble growth as  waxing ensures  smooth results.
  •  The lasting beauty of waxing that keeps your skin silky for an impressive 4-6 weeks.

Your hair becomes beautifully sparse, giving you a long-lasting confidence boost.

2 Small Area – choose between, eyebrow, underarm and bikini – £24.00

Bikini or Underarm waxing – £13.50  / Bikini wax – High -£18.00
Eyebrow wax – £13.00
Half leg waxing – £18.50
Half leg and one small area -£23.50 (add an extra small area for £5.00 each)
Full leg waxing – £28.50
Full leg wax and one small area £33.50 (add an extra small area for £5.00 each)
Lip waxing – £10.00
Chin waxing – £10.00
Lip & chin Waxing – £14.00
Face waxing – £18.00 includes lip, chin, jaw and cheeks

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